Current Issue – 1.1

March 2016

“We Have Our Ways” (Artwork by W. Jack Savage)

Photography & Additional Artwork

“Cracked” by Emily Strauss (In “A Hum…”)
“Elba at Window” by Clinton Inman (In “Clarity”)
“Four” by Emily Walling (In “My Bobcat…”)
“Jacob’s Ladder” by Mike Lee (in “The Bifurcation…”)
“Man Profiled” by Richard Vyse (in “Samuel Beckett…”)
“Raindrop Flower Puddle” by Alesia Hurley (In “Why We Camp”)
“Solitary” by Jessica Grande (in “Doing Shots…”)


A Hum of Masquerades” by Carl Boon
Clarity” by Jean Kingsley
Cubism” by David Hathwell
Defamation” by Santino DallaVecchia
How My Father Decided Whether We Would Stop or Just Keep the Hell Going” by C. Wade Bentley
I Saw You Die Tonight” by Mary Carroll-Hackett
My Bobcat Doesn’t Need a Girlfriend” by David Spicer
The Scribe’s Wife” by Alice Weiss
Visiting Uncle Charles” by Norman Klein
Why We Camp” by Alan Basting


My Mother’s Big Life” by Cathy Warner
Samuel Beckett Went to Hell” by Amelia Leff
The Bifurcation of Harvey Gummert” by Dennis Thompson