by Katarina Boudreaux

What was once loved

the sound of

paper crushed

between fingers


puppets in half light


a mirror with

two bodies


red the color

of my hair

dyed in candlelight


water how flow

moves in circles


the letters of

my name

spelled through

moist lips


empty how full

one is in silence


too much dark

to live in the light


why can’t it be



let me have

one more drink

what else besides loss.


Katarina Boudreaux is a writer, musician, composer, tango dancer, and teacher — a shaper of word, sound, and mind. She returned to New Orleans after circuitous journeying. Her chapbook “Anatomy Lessons” is available from Flutter Press. Her play “Awake at 4:30” is a finalist in the 2016 Tennessee Williams Festival.