Issue – 1.4

December 2016

“original 119” (Artwork by Vic Cavalli)

Photography & Additional Artwork

“Autumn” by Fabrice Poussin (in “Chase and Escape”)
“Not the End” by Lenny Patti (in “Sweet Ribs, Savvy Butcher”)
“Red Sky Walking” by Nathan Chilton (in “Conversations With Ghosts”)
“Repertoire” by Caitlin Crowley (in “Call Your Mother”)


Call Your Mother” by Emmaline Silverman
Chase and Escape” by Kevin Casey
Christmas Eve” by Samantha DeFlitch

Monday Night Rain” by James Croal Jackson
Still Life: Peaches, Pears and Plums” by Robert Krantz
Sweet Ribs, Savvy Butcher” by Jenna Kelly


Abbie’s Garden” by Earl Murphy
Conversations With Ghosts” by Michael Chin