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Steven Aliano & Michele Patti – Editors-in-Chief



Nicole Hill – Poetry Editor

Nicole Hill graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a B.A. in English World Literature and photography. She works in the publishing industry and lives in New York with her boyfriend. She enjoys meaningful conversation and coffee. She especially enjoys meaningful conversation over coffee. Her work has appeared in The MMC Review and The Penmen Review. 


Mackenzie Whitehair – Poetry Editor

A recent graduate from Kutztown University with a B.A. in Professional Writing, Mackenzie Whitehair is a lifelong lover of fiction and poetry. A bartender with an affinity for science fiction and craft beer, her works have previously been published in Shoofly Magazine and All the Thunder. She is currently working on her debut novel.


Mary DiPasquale – Poetry Editor

Mary DiPasquale is a recent graduate of Ramapo College where she majored in History and minored in Creative Writing. She is a an AP History, ACT and SAT tutor by day and a member of her small town’s rescue squad…also by day. During her college career, several of her poems were published in Ramapo’s Trillium. She once presented a paper in Italy and daydreams about hopping on the next flight back almost every ten seconds. She reads a lot. 

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Daniele DeAngelis Hunter – Fiction Editor

Daniele DeAngelis Hunter is twenty-four years young, but her soul feels much older. An avid lover of colors and words, she graduated from Drew University with degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Psychology. She works in the publishing industry and lives in New Jersey with the wife she never thought she’d have. Also published under the name Daniele DeAngelis Walker, her poetry and stories are online at Tell Us A Story, Jet Fuel ReviewBurningword, Juked, Crack the Spine, and Halfway Down The Stairs. Daniele’s debut novel lives in the Drew University library.


Allison Force – Fiction Editor

Allison Force is an alumna of Ramapo College. She is a post-it artist, a major supporter of adult coloring books, and a tea snob. She works in the publishing industry and currently lives in New Jersey with her cat, Wednesday Cattams.


J Carlo Gorgone – Fiction Editor

J Carlo attended the University of Scranton where he studied English and creative writing. Part Sorkin—and Sedaris—worshipper, jazz and blues enthusiast, and avid gamer, J Carlo enjoys inciting political revolution over coffee. His work has appeared in Diverse Voices Quarterly. Visit him at

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Caitlin Mattera – Art Editor

Caitlin Mattera is young, scrappy and hungry. A teacher, friend and bibliophile, she has been called the “Michael Phelps of walking.” Her work has been published in The Key Reporter, and her greatest accomplishments include ordering a cannoli in Rome, researching Peter Pan in London, interning for Thor* and getting high school students excited about Romantic poetry. She lives in books, and various parts of New Jersey.

*The internship was for Marvel Entertainment, but her five-year old cousin is convinced Caitlin worked with the Avengers. 

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Fred Denman – Photography Editor

Fred Denman attended SUNY Purchase College and is a northern New Jersey-based photographer. He travels the country photographing abandoned mental institutions and various other abandoned man-made structures; documenting what once was. He has a great interest in the historical aspects of these places, as well as the architectural detail that went into construction. When not roaming abandoned structures, Fred bartends and keeps people entertained with stories of travel. Check out his work on Flickr and Tumblr. Contact him to buy a print!  

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