Still Alive

Hello all,

Busy, busy, busy summer. Much thanks to all who have submitted the past two months. We’ve been slowly curating our submissions and preparing for our third issue this year.

My goal for the future is to revert to a two reading period schedule, which would decrease our issues per year to two (probably one in the spring and one in the winter). 4 online issues a year is a little too much for me to format online at the moment, but we hope that a smaller window for opportunity will warrant more submissions, more classified ads to draw in more writers, and overall more quality submissions received. This will probably take effect the beginning of next year.

I consider the issues in this, our first year, to be our mission statement: this is the kind of work we’re looking for. 4 issues in our first year is a way to get some meat on the table, so people understand what we like, and have plenty of back issues to see if their work meets our editorial eye. I’m very proud of the work we have chosen to publish thus far, and consider our first year a great success.

With this new change, we’ll also look to feature photography more prominently each issue. Instead of pairing them with stories or poems, we will have them front and center on our issue pages. I want people to be exposed to our published photography as much as they do our writing.

That’s all for now!



Please keep in mind that if we do not respond to your submission before the next issue is posted (which should be in a few weeks), we are keeping it open for a future issue. This is especially true for our recent batch of photography and artwork submissions that we’ve received this past month and… Continue Reading

What We’ve Been Doing Lately

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Setting up Issue 1.2!

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Couple Notes

Hello everyone, Please note that any submission not responded to before the March 21st deadline for our first issue will be in consideration for our second issue, due out in late June, early July. We noticed that our Submittable “Submishmash” mailing list ad for today ran later than expected, and depending on the influx of… Continue Reading

Back up!

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Stick tight!

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In regards to Responses

Hello all, Please note that from this point on, we are allowing only 1 submission per issue/reading period. Writers are still allowed to submit in both genres, but please submit only once in each. If you have been rejected, please wait 2 issues (meaning 6 months) before submitting again. Please be courteous of this new… Continue Reading

Issue 1.1

Hello everyone, While we read year-round, we have set the deadline for our first issue (1.1) submissions at Monday, March 21st, 2016, with a tentative release date by the end of the month (the final week of March/beginning of April). Thank you for those of you who have submitted, and stick tight! -Steve Continue Reading