The Birch Gang Review seeks original, unpublished submissions of poetry, fiction, and photography/artwork. New to 2017, we will be accepting writing submissions on the two following reading dates: March 1st – May 1st and September 1st – November 1st.

We accept artwork and photography submissions all year and publish biannually (June and December).

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please generously withdraw your submission and make a note letting us know of acceptance elsewhere. For poetry, if certain poems in your submission are accepted elsewhere, please make a note to your submission to let us know (do not withdraw the entire submission).

Writers are allowed to submit once in both genres, but please submit only once per reading period. If rejected or accepted, please wait 12 months before submitting again, unless encouraged to submit during the following reading date (6 months).

Please submit work formatted to industry standards (TNR or similar font, 12pt/double spaced, full contact info in top lefthand corner, page numbers when applicable).

Poetry – Please submit between 3-5 poems in a single document, each poem separated by a page break. No rhyming or centered poetry.

Fiction –  Please submit one story up to 3,500 words (or roughly 15 pages), or as many as three flash fiction pieces adding up to 3,500 words at most. Please upload flash fiction pieces in one document.

Photography/Artwork Please submit 2-3 images as JPEGs or PNGs. 

Other important notes:

  • While we don’t have many restrictions when it comes to genre or style, please read our issues to get an idea of what we’re going for.
  • We do not accept non-fiction work at this time.
  • Currently, our response time has been around 1 week, but we do not consider this a guarantee, so please don’t hold it against us. Please be patient as we do aim to respond to every submission received. If you have submitted for a certain issue and do not hear a response before it is posted, we are more than likely considering it for a future issue.
  • We temporarily close from time to time in order to deal with our backlog. We’re a small staff.
  • We currently do not offer compensation for work published.
  • We do not offer critiques.
  • For writing submissions, please add a contributor bio to your cover letter. Please keep this to a 50-75 word, third-person bio.
  • If your work requires special or intentional formatting, please let us know in your cover letter, and we will try to accommodate as best we can.
  • One featured piece of art will be chosen as the front cover. Photography will accompany a poem or story. In special cases, artwork may also be used to accompany a poem or story.

By submitting to the Birch Gang Review, you are accepting the following terms and conditions:

  • Your work has not been previously published anywhere either in print or online (including blogs, social media accounts, or any other easily searchable and accessible public websites).
  • Upon publication, you grant BGR First Serial Rights. Once published, all rights revert back to author. Your work will appear in our archive indefinitely (Electronic Archival Rights). In the instance of reprinting, we would appreciate an acknowledgement as the first publisher.
  • Upon publication, you grant BGR the right to edit your work for any small grammatical or formatting errors.

*Please note that any work not adhering to the guidelines above will not be read. Guidelines are subject to change. Please refer to our blog as well.